Personalized Oven Mitts, Cooking Aprons and Pot Holders

Customized Home Textile Products Manufacturer

NEW STAR is an outstanding home textiles manufacturer in China. With years of development, we have become a major kitchen textiles solution provider. The textile products, especially kitchen textiles, that we provide include oven mitt, apron, potholder, pot handle holder, gardening clothes and toolkit and all kinds of bags. In particular, our kitchen textile products come with both eye-catching appearance and great practicality. They will add incredible spice to your life while providing incomparable protection to your body. Great praise by users in many European and American countries is the most powerful evidence that NEW STAR home textile products are undoubtedly trustworthy. As a major kitchen textile provider in China, NEW STAR can also offer bespoke products for promotion, advertising and gift purposes. We have established business relations with world renowned enterprises, such as Carrefour, Wal-mart, Metro, etc. If you want to know more, please feel free to call us. More

  • Customized Service
    1. InquiryIf you have interest in our products, you can inquire price by means of fax, email, Alitalk, online communication and other methods. Our professional foreign trade salesmen will be glad to help. Related contact information is put on our website.
    2. Offer After confirming customer's inquiry, we will offer product quotation to the customer within 24 hours in normal cases. The quotation will be sent to customer by fax or email. In the quotation, we will confirm related details about the offer with our customers.
    3. Sample MakingAbout the charge for sample making, NEW STAR implements two methods, namely free sample making and sample making needed to be paid. Customers need to contact customer service in advance for confirming that whether they can enjoy free sample making.
  • Production Process
  • NEW STAR production process includes Sample Making-Order Confirmation-Fabric & Accessories Purchasing and Testing-Technical Preparation-Cotton Making and Quilting-Tailoring/Punching-Sewing-Cleaning-Finished Product Inspection (FQC)-Packaging and Shipment. 1. Fabric and Accessories IQC
    After entering factory, the fabric material will be enforced quantity check and quality inspection. Firstly, we will carry out confirmation to the fabric specification, weight and styles. Only qualified fabrics can be put in storage. Then, we will inspect whether there are breakage, dirty mark, woven flaw, color difference or other problems on the fabric. The flaw we find in inspection will be marked.
    In addition, we will implement IQC to the accessories such as character verification of sewn-in label, adhesion degree of adhesive interlining, zipper smooth degree, etc. Unqualified accessories will be not used in production.
    2. Main Contents of Technical Preparation
    Technical preparation has three contents including process sheet, model formulation and sample production. It is a significant means to ensure smooth going of mass production and that the finished products meet customer’s requirements.

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