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Cut Resistant Fabric (Gardening Apparel and Toolkit)

Are you busy in gardening still wearing your old jeans? It’s time for gardeners as well as gardening enthusiasts to equip professional and cool gardening clothes and tools to obtain high work efficiency and enjoyable time in the garden. NEW STAR is a professional cut resistant fabric supplier in China. We have developed series gardening apparel and toolkit for gardeners. We hope they can make your time in the garden more efficient and enjoyable.

The main products include cut resistant gloves, gardening hat, oversleeve, gardening apron, gardening tool set, waterproof gardening clothes, trousers, etc. These gardening equipment feature excellent cut resistance, great waterproof performance, foldability and versatility. Distinct styles are the optimal choice for gardeners.

NEW STAR offers customized service. Batch order for our gardening clothes and toolkit will be highly welcomed.

Surface material: Oxford cloth
Lining material: PVC
Features: Water-proof, cut and abrasion resistant, folding design, useful tool pockets and the distinctive style for the gardener.

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